Hoos Hauling Helps Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tools

There are many reasons to get a head start on spring cleaning in 2020. An increased focus on the spread of viruses coupled with a nationwide stay at home order reminds us that being clean and clutter-free is more important than ever! Hoos Hauling has helped declutter thousands of homes just like yours and we are letting you in on our Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tools! 1. Drill Brush Would you build a house with only a screwdriver?  Then why would you clean one with only a handheld brush?  Drill brush attachments are versatile, low cost, and will save a ton of energy when cleaning larger surfaces like rugs and shower walls. Pro Tip : Stick with the drill for its continuous spinning motion. Leave the impact drivers to the carpenters. 2. Squeegee If there is something 2020 has taught us, its that paper goods are now a luxury. If you find yourself low on paper towels or desire to reduce your carbon footprint a squeegee is a great tool for your spring cleaning arsenal. C

5 Methods to Reduce The Spread of Mold

5 METHODS TO REDUCE THE SPREAD OF MOLD MOLD! The thought of it alone is enough to make us cringe. We know, mold buffs, some molds are good!  However, the kind we do not like is probably spreading unnoticed in your home.  Mold spores easily spread and impossible to get rid of completely. Mold can grow almost anywhere. On carpet, food, and places you cannot see like above ceiling tiles. If ignored it can become costly to remove and even more costly to your health. Hoos Hauling is giving you 5 Methods to Reduce The Spread of Mold before it even becomes a problem. Sparknotes: Moisture control   FIND THE MOLD!   Although mold can grow anywhere, you want to try hard to find the problem spots and fix it. It can be as easy as ripping up habitually wet carpet or require a little more effort, like replacing leaky gutters. Whatever the case address it now, money spent now can spare you of more costly effects down the road. FIX THE WET, NOW! Without moisture,